Good eats in Flushing on New Years Day

Flushing’s Chinatown can be described as a slightly less busy, more compacted and mildly cleaner version of Manhattan’s Chinatown. In addition to the usual fancy and fast food Chinese fare, there is a varied selection of Hunan, Schezwan and Taiwanese cuisine. Main, Roosevelt, Prince, 39th Avenue, 41st Avenue and Northern Avenue are a few of the streets you’ll find many of the great reasonably priced and popular eateries. The majority of these restaurants only take cash, and just like Chinatown in any American city… English is not the primary language. The 7 Train is a straight shot from Manhattan and will drop you off at Main Street/Roosevelt, the last stop on this line.

I’ve had the urge to explore some places I haven’t been to yet in Flushing and decided to enjoy my first meal of 2011 there.

It was a sunny 41 degrees the afternoon of 1/1/11 in Flushing, only a tad slushy from the big blizzard, and not super chaotic as it was in NYC’s Chinatown on Christmas the week before.

Shrimp Soup Noodles @ Ay Chung, Food Court @ Flushing Mall

Below is a food porn synopsis of our New Years Day holiday dining excursion. We ate for over 8 hours at relatively clean establishments, spent less than $20 a piece, hit 7 restaurants, 3 bakeries and stopped at a few local supermarkets and several street food stands. We also succeeded in finding clean restrooms (with proper amenities) – bonus points for that one! Overall, we were well-fed with some delicious, filing and inexpensive food… I’d say our Flushing eating field trip was a big success!

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