I started a food blog because everyone I’ve ever eaten with told me I should.  People in both my personal and professional circle rely on me for dining suggestions just about everywhere.  It’s a high order, but somehow, I come through. I love to eat, I live to eat!  I enjoy exploring different types of food in any city, county, state or off the beaten path.  I strive to make every meal sacred and memorable, a multi-sensory event regardless of the price, atmosphere or company.  With a professional career in the entertainment business, I’ve been blessed to have traveled the globe more than a few times, visiting interesting places such as Reykjavik, Iceland, Lulling, Texas and Charleston, South Carolina.  The most exciting thing about going anywhere (for work or pleasure) is eating at one of my favorite restaurants or finding the newest hidden hole in the wall treasure.  For me, the experience starts with the visual.  Before partaking, I photograph every dish, often multiple times.  Frequently my dining companions get annoyed and don’t understand or appreciate my obsession with – and the absolute necessity for – multiple photos.   I often opt to eat alone, so I can take my time with the photos and get creative, enjoying every angle of my food porn.  All of my meals are photographed regardless of presentation, lighting or company.   On that note, here at Every Bite Counts, I will share my eating adventures from some of my favorite gems at home and from the road.  Enjoy!

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