The secret burger at Alder


157 Second Avenue

New York, NY  10003

(212) 593-1900

Alder is now Wylie Dufresne’s only restaurant since the closing of his former highly acclaimed WD-50.

In this post, I’m here to share my insight on the mysterious burger, that some of you may or may not know about.

First off, the burger is only available at the bar, Sunday through Wednesday.  Only 20 of these burgers are made per night, so get there early or you will miss out!  Bar seating is first come first served, no reservations.  The burger is $13 or you can go “all-in” and also get the French Onion soup rings and a Greenport Harbor Ale for $21.  Management says that for now, the burger will be available indefinitely.

The burger is a high quality Pat LaFrieda brisket and chuck combination, topped with the house signature “beer cheese” consisting of American and Cheddar and Greenpoint Harbor Ale.   What makes this burger moist and taste so incredibly good is that Shio Kombu, a Japanese kelp, is grounded, cooked in Sake and Tamari then blended into the meat.  All burgers come with crunchy pickles, are served medium rare and sandwiched between a classic Martin’s potato bun that’s been toasted and brushed with… beef fat!

I wasn’t drinking that night and am not a fan of onion rings, but my neighbor kindly let me photograph his onion rings.  For me, it was all about the burger.

Enough said, right?  What are you waiting for?  Run, don’t walk!

photo 1photo 3photo 4

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Hidden Holiday Treats

This holiday season I stayed in town, dog and cat sat in two different parts of Brooklyn, and ate my way across and around NYC, discovering some fun, tasty spots.  Below are a few of my top, most memorable eats of the 25+ places i hit over the two-week holiday span.

Chocolate Pasta


144 Houston

New York, NY  10012

(212) 777-1261

First of all, if you’re a pasta fanatic like me and haven’t been to Raffetto’s, you have my condolences.  This old school, family owned and operated Italian goods and pasta shop is like no other, anywhere.  Pasta here is at it’s freshest. you can order just about any type of pasta, plain, stuffed, cooked, frozen and any way you like it.  Cut to order, any size, any quantity be it Linguini, Tagliatelle, Fettucine, you name it.  Besides traditional egg or semolina pasta, you can also choose from Rosemary to Saffron infused to my favorite, Chocolate Pasta!  I like mine cut on the thicker side, so I go for Fettuccine and often eat it plain.  Because it’s that good!  Occasionally I’ll add a splash of high quality maple syrup, but truly, it isn’t necessary.


Vietnamese Delights

Nightingale 9

329 Smith Street

Brooklyn, NY  11231

(347) 689-4699

As a spoiled SF native of Asian descent, I consider great Vietnamese food a birthright.  My hometown offers countless great options, many at lower price points.  Initially, I questioned whether I’d ever find an outlet to indulge one of my favorite Asian cuisines in the 5 Boroughs.  So when I heard the rock star team behind Seersucker (RIP) one of my former favorite spots for Southern cooking had opened a Vietnamese eatery in Carroll Gardens, one of my favorite parts of Brooklyn, I was super psyched.  Having had some of my best Vietnamese meals at no-frills hole-in-the-wall places from coast to coast, I was impressed at how a sit-down, grown-up version of Vietnamese cuisine could reach a level far beyond my experience and expectations.  Besides the traditional Pho/soup noodles you expect at any Vietnamese restaurant, I was blown away at how food I don’t generally like, such as cauliflower, could be prepared so delicately and so deliciously.  How did I stumble upon a dish so off my radar?  While ordering, my dining date broke the bad news that he no longer eats meat (boo!) and suggested the Cauliflower Salad.  I made a face, but caved.  Surprise!  It was prepared with cucumber, peanuts, yuzu and herbs and was incredibly flavorful.


Nightingale 9’s chefs even managed to get creative with brussels sprouts, making them in a flavorful fish sauce!


My favorite, however, had to be the Banh Cuon: house made rice noodles filled with ground pork (my favorite type of meat), chicken pate, and cukes, rolled up into something absolutely, lusciously delectable.  I don’t know if this entree is a Vietnamese staple as I’ve never had anything quite like it.  But this dish is creative, unique, good looking and so yummy, I ate it all myself! (I love dining with Vegetarians)


The restaurant is cozy and inexpensive for the quality and service, and has an excellent playlist to boot.  (I worked at record companies for many years, so I can vouch for that!)  There are a variety of other dishes definitely worth trying as well.  I plan on returning with a posse that enjoys meat!

Colorful Gelatin Desserts

New Wing Wah Bakery

245 Grand Street

New York, NY  10002

(212) 941-1924

There are tons of Chinese Bakeries in New York’s Chinatown.  Blink once and they all look like the same place.  For the most part, if you’re rushed and need a quick and inexpensive sugar or salt fix, you can find the usual sponge cakes, pork buns, dry salted eggs buns, lotus/red bean buns and many more mysterious items ranging in color from bright green to muddy brown.  They also generally serve “coffee” which really is just warm, watered down dark liquid, so shy away from that!  After checking out a dozen or more of these places, I found what I think has the most varied and interesting treats: New Wing Wah Bakery, literally right next door to the Grand Street B/D subway stop.  Sure, they mainly serve the same stuff as all the rest, but this joint has a better letter grade (B) is cleaner, and has at least one counter person who speaks a little English.  And what New Wing Wah offers that I haven’t seen elsewhere are their jelly like desserts that range in price from 80 cents to a dollar.

My two favorites:

The Red Bean layer, which looks fancy, has a sufficient amount of red beans, and isn’t overly sweet, but rather, very light and yummy.  It appears to be made of a solid gelatin like mixture that isn’t too mushy.  Hopefully you don’t have texture issues, because it’s delicious!

photoThe Coffee layer, another good tasting and good looking gelatin like dessert, is very similar to the red bean, but infused with coffee and almond extract.  It probably sounds wierd and perhaps unappealing, but taste is all that matters right?

photo 3The infamous Dollar Duck Bun

Corner 28

137-28 40th Road

Flushing, NY  11354

This no-frills stand is inside Corner 28, your typical fast paced Chinese takeout place.  It used to be on chaotic Main Street but has moved around the corner to 40th Road.  Nevertheless, it’s still a fast block and a half walk from the 7 train’s Main Street stop.  The golden ticket here without a doubt, is the Dollar Duck Bun.  The warm bun is layered with a few pieces of moist roast duck (skin on), with a bit of hoisin and thinly sliced scallions.  It’s juicy, delicious and flavorful,  not a huge portion and can be devoured in two bites.  At just a buck, I suggest getting two, or maybe even four.  I do.

photo 1

On to the New Year and new eats.  Stay tuned!

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After hours at Mazzola

Lard Bread is gods creation to earth, at least for me. What can be better than bread with tasty chunks of salted Italian meat? Mazzola Bakery in Carroll Gardens, is an old school Italian Bakery that’s in been business for over 80 years. You can buy some of the best Italian bread, pastries and even get a decent latte here, but the focal point of this post is about buying their Lard Bread, hot and fresh out of the oven. An acquaintance who lives across the street told me the secret is to knock on their back door sometime in the late evening, and if your timing is right, you’ll be rewarded with freshly baked Lard Bread! I got lucky the other night,  and it was worth bearing the cold and waiting for the unreliable F train. The photo speaks for itself!

Mazzola Bakery
192 Union Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231
(718) 643-1719


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Tasty Veal Hearts at Allswell on Bedford


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It’s called Smorgasburg, not Smorgasborg!

Summer 2011 in New York has been quite the gourmet tasting party. In addition to the usual summer weekend food staples, there has been a plethora of food festivals/events, pop ups and food courts (indoors and outdoors) throughout the 5 Boroughs.

One of my new favorite new places to eat is at the lot next the Williamsburg Waterfront. The Saturday delicious fat fest calls itself the Smorgasburg, in honor of Williamsburg. Here you can gorge or snack and drink from a variety of weekly regular and rotating Brooklyn (and a few) Manhattan vendors. Some of these vendors are exclusive to the Smorgasburg; others occasionally pop up at other weekend markets.

There is a balanced selection of both savory and sweet treats; some one of a kind, many unique and others fully straight forward (for the less adventurous eater).

To quench your thirst from the humid heat, there are local house made soda and juices, as well as coffee (cold and hot).

There is a small Farmers Market on the premises, with vendors who you will recognize from Union Square and Grand Army Plaza Greenmarkets. Here you can buy seasonal fruit, vegetables and bread.

And for those of you who obsess over fancy condiments, you will definitely enjoy checking out Sam Mason’s fancy “Empire” mayo as well as Anarchy in a Jar’s tasty jam’s and organic heirloom beans from Bean In.

Nothing beats the free amazing view of the Manhattan skyline right in front of you. Occasionally, you might even see a wandering duck or two.

Money-wise, the Smorgasburg is a bargain. Most items price from $4-$10, there’s nothing really over $10, but you can definitely spend some bucks if you want to check out a few places. My advice is to go with some fellow foodies and pig out!

Some of my memorable highlights and favorites:
King Crumb Fried Chicken Biscuit, with a special sauce and bacon; it’s big and messy enough for 2 meals!

Grilled Shrimp Japanese Octopus Balls at Mimi and Coco NY. These are better than the Octopus Balls at Otafuku in the East Village. For real.

Mighty Quinns BBQ Berkshire Pork Belly and Brisket.

Bon Chovie’s fresh fried anchovies. I love this, and so would Jon Bon… if he eats these little delicate fishes.

Brooklyn Oyster Party – a bit pricey at $3 a pop, but they are tasty on a hot day!

Nana’s Chocolate dipped Frozen Banana (with or without toppings)

Shorty Tang and Sons Spicy Peanut Noodles.

Brooklyn Soda Works – flavors change weekly.

Dough – save yourself a trip to Bed Sty and get the same giant donuts here for the same price ($2)

Good Batch Ice Cream Sandwiches; fun ice cream flavors sandwiched between homemade cookies. Flavors change often.

Worth checking out, at least once…
We Rub You – their version of Kogi but a tad pricier and a less generous portion. Tasty tho.

Scratching My Head…
Landhaus’ Pork Belly on a stick – all you can taste is the fat, as you watch it ooze into your napkin.

Cemitas – haven’t tried this, but paying $9 for what they’re giving you doesn’t encourage me when there are other more delicious items.

Dumont Burger – there is more bun than burger, even if it’s only $5 and supposed to be a “slider.” When biting into the burger, the bun breaks off (because there is so much of it!) For price or a few bucks more, you can go to a handful of places for a tastier bigger juicier full sized) filling burger. Dumont Burgers are tastier if you go to their free standing location on Bedford in the Burg.

Table Tales – known for their “Sunday Gravy” or thick tomato pasta sauce. It tastes like the sauce that comes with a dish at a chain restaurant. (Just my opinion of course!)

Take me home tonight (really!)
Anarchy in a Jar – creative jellies and jams. They also serve their jams on Roberta’s housemade bread with fresh ricotta for $4. Yum. The name itself is brilliant; they need tee’s and would’ve done Sid Vicious proud.

Grady’s Cold Brew Coffee Extract – $15 buys you about 8 servings, Cafe Du Monde style. Perfect for summer, cheaper than buying a cold brew system and saves you time as well.

There are more places than the above mentioned… and even though I’ve been to the Smorgasburg 5 times, I still haven’t tried every vendor.

So what are you waiting for? Take the L to Bedford Avenue and visit the Smorgasburg on Saturdays from 9-5 pm, at 27 North 6th Street between Kent and the East River. Oh, and bring cash, of course!

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Chego makes me so very happy!

3300 Overland Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 287-0337
Open Tues-Sat, 5:30pm-11:30pm
Cash, Visa and MC

Chego comes to us from the brilliant folks at Kogi BBQ. It opened in April 2010 and is no secret to locals, foodies and critics …though it sadly took me over a year to discover it.

The restaurant is located in a tiny strip mall on Overland Avenue on the Westside of LA. It’s South of I-10 and if you blink, or are too busy texting while driving (like most of us) you’ll definitely pass it. I suggest driving slower and parking on the street, to save yourself the stress of cramming into the miniature parking lot.

Main dishes at Chego come in huge bowls with rice and heaping Fred Flinestone size portions, so come hungry with an entourage to try everything! All entrees have different sauces, seasonings and flavor. There is something for everybody, even if you are a (gasp) Vegetarian or (double gasp) Vegan.

At Chego, you order at the counter, take the given number and wait for your food to be brought to you, whether you’re eating in or doing take out. There are food runners who will graciously check in and offer to bring you amenities, but they are NOT servers. Chego is always busy, and these runners work their tails off non-stop. So on that note, you should tip generously, while politely declining their services and fetch your own eating utensils, sauces, water and to go lids. It’s all laid out nicely by the beverage refrigerator behind the kitchen.

On the menu front, you can order apps such as a Ooey Gooey Fries; (use your imagination to guess what might be in this heavy dish) – hint: Sambal, a Kimchi Sampler and a (fancy) “Twelve Dollar Salad” which will only set you back $7 (not 12). For entrees, it’s all about the Chubby Pork Belly. This dish has a generous helping of Kochujang-Lacquered Kurobuta (pork belly), pickled watermelon radishes, water spinach, cilantro, Cotija cheese, peanuts and a fried egg, all topped on a bowl of rice. The Beefy T Bowl has a mountain of rib eye over chili hot rice. For those of you who don’t partake in meat (shame on you!), order the Buttered Kimchi Chow, which is a bowl of rice with veggies including Kimchi, Edamame, garlic and of course, the fried egg. Oh, it’s topped with Chicharrones (fried pork rinds), but you can order without. I get this dish with Pork Belly. There are some fun, often off the wall weekly specials, including this week’s “My Mind Is Playin’ Tricks On Me” which is corned beef hash fried rice w/ Tabasco and egg. If you can still find room in your belly, order the Tres Leches Cake for dessert. They often sell out of this, so if it you want it, order with your entrees.

All entrees at Chego are under $10, the portions are gigantic, the food is delicious and always delivered promptly. Most importantly, you will never leave hungry.

After discovering Chego, I ate there 2-4 times a week with foodies from both coasts and have done tons of take out even though I am no where near it! Seriously, I love Chego and will sit in bitchy LA traffic, (along with it’s bad drivers) to eat their creative, inventive and satisfying food. Chego is dope and doesn’t even need a review, but I give it 10 stars. If you live or are visiting LA, just go already! What is NOT to love about Chego?

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2100 East Cesar Chavez Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90033 (323) 264-7201
Open Monday-Saturday, 10am-8pm, Sundays, 11am-5 pm
Cash, MC and Visa are accepted

Earlier this month, my trusty foodie friend Jeff, in town from New York, told me about a new taco establishment called Guisados. I had never heard of this place, but any opportunity to explore a new taco joint in an ethnic neighborhood is exciting to me, especially when it gets a high accolade from the other coast.

Guisados is in East LA, in a neighborhood called Boyle Heights on Cesar Chavez Boulevard. It’s primarily a Hispanic and Mexican area filled with many local restaurants and bakeries as well as a great spot to find (cheaper) gas in the Southland.

The menu at Guisados is focused on eclectic and interesting taco combinations. There is a variety of meats which include Chicharron (Pork Skin), Tinga de Pollo (Chicken), Steak Picado, Chuleta (Pork Chop) en Salsa Verde and Cochinita Pibil (Marinated Pork). For the non-meat eaters, you can order the Mole (Chili) Poblano, Calabacitas (Summer Squash) or Quesadilla. Guisados also offers a weekly special or two; Fish and Shrimp, respectively on my visit last week. Each taco variety has it’s own distinctive memorable flavor and comes with a unique salsa and topping. The fresh Corn Tortillas are made daily by hand from the Mexican deli/shop next door. The large tacos are a tasty bargain at $2.50, but the real deal is the filling sampler: 6 mini tacos for $6.50. The variety usually consists of the first 6 tacos posted on the menu. Don’t ask about a Salsa Bar or Tortilla Chips at this authentic gourmet taco eatery, because there isn’t one.

Guisados also serves house made gigantic Tamales at… $1.50 a piece! Alcohol is not served, but you can order a refreshing Agua Fresca of Limon, Horchata or Jamaica.

Guisados has been opened since December, 2010. The owner, Armando Delatorre, is one of the friendliest entrepreneurs you will meet in the Mexican food community. He sat and chatted while I ate my taco sampler, and brought me a special Lengua en Ranchera Taco (now how did he know Lengua was one of my favorite taco toppings), along with a Quesadilla made with a special secret cheese and some house made tortillas to go. After my my filling taco feast, Armando took me next door to demonstrate how the Masa is made for both the tortillas and tamales. A week prior to my visit, The Cooking Channel was at Guisados with popular Food Network celebrity chef Aaron Sanchez, shooting an episode of “Heatseekers.” Guess what Aron’s favorite taco was? No doubt Guisados will become the next hot LA taco spot!

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Food Truck Frenzy in The Southland

Back in early 2009, LA was treated to a soft opening for a Korean Food Truck called “Kogi”, serving Korean Tacos as well as other Korean themed delights. 2 years later, Kogi is a successful phenomenon with 5 trucks. Since the emergence of Kogi, The Southland has seen a plethora of over 100 Food trucks; some still in their glory, others short lived or calling it quits.

Unless you consider yourself a professional food truck eater with the time and cash to spare, (remember, food trucks take pride in serving their specialty themed cuisine/dishes and will run you more than the few bucks you’d pay for a tasty Double Double Animal Style Cheeseburger at In-N-Out)… it’s almost impossible to accurately keep track of which truck is where and when. I’ve found that even with the magic of Twitter, not all trucks are on top of their tweets, updating their various social networking sites/blogs or websites.

Despite this, on-going LA traffic and getting to a designated truck before they shut down (early) or run out of grub, I’ve managed to hit a handful of these culinary vehicles. Here’s the skinny:

Ludo Truck – Perfectly fried and seasoned delicious non-greasy gourmet chicken balls, with dipping sauce options that aren’t even necessary, so don’t bother. Their flaky large Lavender Honey Biscuits are also damn amazing, but those run out fast, so get there early. Also, you gotta love their logo!

Grill ‘Em All – Creative heavy metal themed mind blowing burgers. “The Behemoth”: grilled cheese buns, cheddar, bacon, beer soaked onions, pickles Grandma’s Mosh Pit BBQ Sauce, is a gourmet headbangers masterpiece! The Grill “Em All logo reminds me of Metallica in their heyday and the menu at Kumas Corner in Chicago, whose t-shirt reads, “Kill ‘Em All”!

Lardon – Not so new, but their Baco Taco is genius (see previous review) and now, the original bacon truck is offering Bacon Street Tacos. Process this if you will: the corn tortillas are fried in bacon fat!

Papaya King – Yes! New York’s Papaya King had a truck, briefly roaming and grilling in the Southland to promote the opening of their highly anticipated late night free standing Hollywood location. My well-done Classic was the same price and just as tasty eating it from their UES location on E 86th.

Kogi – Will always be king of food trucks, even if they franchise. The food is super tasty and reasonably priced with big portions. They also create over the top weekly specials, that will make your belly burst.

Curbside Cravings – Under the radar Filipino filling eats and a variety of meats including their Tocino (Pork Patty) Burger and Crispy Lechon Kawali – aka deep fried slabs of Pork Belly.

Honorable mentions:
The Mighty Boba – Creative, reasonably priced Taiwanese Food. It isn’t the Flushing Mall Food Court, but nothing will top that!

Meet ‘N’ Potatoes – Influenced by the fat meat sandwich filled with french fries at Primanti Brothers in Pittsburgh. Take a digestive enzyme and order the loaded fries with Pastrami, coleslaw, tomatoes and Provolone Cheese.

Shrimp Pimp gets points for their name, but their menu hasn’t inspired me to eat or fork out the bucks.

Curious about:
Ahn Joo – (More) Korean bites

Tapa Boy – The Original Filipino Breakfast Truck!

Grindhaus – Quentin Tarantino is probably so honored. They also have a free standing sausage store on Hollywood Blvd. The duck sausage, even at $14.99 a lb is delightful.

In-N-Out – It does exist, but I’ve only seen it parked at movie studio lots

Old standbys:

Buttermilk Truck – how can you say no to Red Velvet Pancakes?

The Grilled Cheese Truck – A cheese filled heart attack waiting to happen…

The Greasy Wiener – NJ style hot dogs cooked to perfection but slightly pricey.

Don’t bother: (for real!)
The Cheeseball Wagon. Great catchy colorful logo, that probably has every fat and skinny child screaming for more… but anyone who enjoys (good) food will find their eats mediocre, sloppy, messy and over-priced.

Enjoy the random food truck slide show. I will add more photos to this as the trucks keep on comin’!

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M. Wells does it good

M. Wells Diner
21-17 49th Avenue
Long Island City, NY
Open for brunch, 10a-4pm Tuesday through Sunday and for dinner, 6p-10pm, Tues-Thurs only. Closed Monday.
Accepts major credits

I don’t know anyone who lives in Long Island City, but apparently, it’s become another slightly cheaper destination to live outside of Manhattan. LIC is one stop from Grand Central off the 7 train. The second stop is Hunters Point, where within steps of exiting, you will land at M. Wells Diner.

M. Wells Diner is owned by husband and wife team, Hugue Dufour and Sarah Obraitis. The diner car has a classic feel with an open kitchen and a long counter. M. Wells opened its doors in July of 2010, initially only serving breakfast/lunch or what they call “brunch.” A few weeks ago, M. Wells started dinner service on Tuesday through Thursday. The menu is not what you’d find at your traditional NY or NJ greasy spoon diner. Instead, here at M. Wells you can look forward to creative, intelligent, delicious comfort food kicked up about 5 notches above your expectations. Signature favorites include the Egg Sausage Sandwich with cheddar, picked jalapenos, and tomato on an English Muffin, Beef Tartar with a poached egg & greens, and their (plain) cake donuts. You can also indulge in adventurous delicacies such as pickled pork tongue, a seafood cobbler, a 5 star special of the day and an excellent cup of freshly brewed Oslo (beans) Coffee, which will only run you a buck fifty!

I paid my second visit to M. Wells last weekend. We arrived after 3pm, in hopes of sitting down right away. Much to our surprise, there was a line out the door, but everyone ended up being seated within 15 minutes… yes, communal seating at large wooden tables can totally rock. We shared a table with an entourage we believed to be Russian, who spoke their own language throughout their meal. They ordered an assortment of food which included caviar with crepes, Cubano and head cheese sandwiches, red wine and lots of… vodka (but of course!) It was refreshing not to be sitting next to the typical whining starving actor or musician. In fact, most of the eaters at this late hour consisted of families of different ethnicities as well as older couples. I also loved how the front of house manager served and checked in on us regularly.

We began with the house made biscuit which was light, flaky and moist. The apple butter accompaniment added the perfect amount of sweetness. For our first starter, we had the Escargot and Bone Marrow, topped off with shallots and sauteed with a red wine puree. Spread some of this creamy goodness on a few toast points and you are a satisfied customer. Next up was the highly anticipated giant Beef & Lamb Burger, I’d been reading about. The well-seasoned medium rare burger was oozing with juiciness on a brioche bun with grilled onions and… New Jersey Ketchup. What I want to know and still don’t, is how do you define New Jersey Ketchup? Hungry for more, because I want to try everything… we ordered the Bacon Hash, which came dressed with a poached egg and brussels sprouts. The bacon was more like a tender piece of pork belly with minimal fat. There was some sort of hash brown or latke underneath this mountain of goodness that made the dish even more delicious. Remember, you can never go wrong with bacon, pork belly or fat. This dish was definitely my favorite of the entire meal. Nothing we ordered was over $10, and the service was impeccable. If I lived in LIC or off the 7 train, I’d probably come here every day until I’ve tasted everything on the brunch (and dinner) menu!

“All is well at M. Wells.”

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The best burger I ever ate…

Ann’s Snack Bar
1615 Memorial Drive
Atlanta, GA 30317
(404) 687-9207
Open Monday-Saturday, 11am – 9pm

Atlanta has always been one of my favorite places to visit for it’s cultural and culinary aspects. The city is completely spread out and like Los Angeles, you spend a lot of time in your car, Garmin in hand, sitting in traffic. But despite the challenge of getting around, Atlanta has some of the best eats in the South. Last month, I was fortunate to be working in that great city. Before leaving the Capital of Georgia, I was instructed by my trusted friends that a visit to Ann’s Snack Bar must fit into my hectic itinerary, to complete my Southern burger quest. In 2007, the Wall Street Journal voted Miss Ann’s burger the best in the US. Now that’s a tall order!

Ann’s Snack Bar is located in the Kirkwood area on Memorial Drive. Pay close attention and don’t speed, because if you drive too fast (like I did), past the parking lot with a Rolls or Bentley, you have missed it. The snack bar is counter seating with exactly 8 stools. There is a television, fridge and at the grill is 67 year old Miss Ann, who has set rules about eating at her restaurant, which include no mobile devices, keeping your elbows off the counter, waiting outside the seating area until one opens up, no cursing or smoking and most important, having manners and addressing Miss Ann properly. If you can get pass this, along with (patiently) waiting outside in the patio for anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours… then you are ready to experience the world famous “Ghetto Burger.” Miss Ann is the sole full service cook/restaurateur. She makes every burger, one at the time, in the order it was received. The grill is often thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed and the counter is spotless. The “Ghetto Burger”, with everything on it has 2 beef patties, American cheese, onions, fresh tomato slices, lettuce, bacon, chili and Miss Ann’s special secret seasoning. You can order it with fries, but I wouldn’t bother. The burger is a massive piece of delicious edible art, that probably weights over a pound. Cutting it in half makes it easier, but however you choose to eat it will work, even with a knife and fork. The $8 burger is super juicy, cooked to perfection Miss Ann’s way on the medium side. The no frills burger bun is lightly grilled and all of the ingredients and toppings just melt together to form the most delicious mouthful of burger ever. You will savor every bite until you really can’t eat anymore. I don’t know how anyone can finish this; I ended up bringing half of it back to New York… and yes, it was just as tasty the next day! Other menu options include the “Hood” burger; which features two lean cheeseburgers topped with bacon and coleslaw, the chili dog; a deep fried hot dog doused with chili, or just regular burgers or cheeseburgers. But if you are serious about your burgers and have made the journey to Miss Ann’s, then order the “Ghetto Burger.”

Miss Ann has a steady clientele consisting of locals, business professionals and celebrities. However, since the Wall Street Journal accolade, Miss Ann has been visited by thousands of curious burger lovers internationally, along with food critics from the NY Times and most recently, NBC Nightly News. So if ever in Atlanta, stop in at Miss Ann’s for what I think will be the best burger you will ever eat.

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