How much BBQ can you eat in 5 days? 

I visit Austin at least once a year.  My number 1 priority is always BBQ – eating as much delicious smoked meat as I can possibly stomach in the short time I’m there.  Whatever is left over, I freeze and bring back to New York.  

Here’s a BBQ pictorial of my meaty 5 day binge from last month.

Day 1

Upon landing in Austin, head onto I-183 and drive straight to Lockhart.

Blacks BBQ

Been in business since 1929.  I personally prefer their side dishes over their BBQ.  It’s a nice atmosphere and always filled with locals…  but I like smelling and watching the meat cook while I wait, which you can’t do here.    

Pick a few sides…

 They do have some killer desserts tho.  

Banana Pudding!

  Sweet Potato Soufflé  
Smittys BBQ 

My favorite BBQ joint in Lockhart. It’s old school, family run.  Watch and smell your meat being cooked as you wait in line. Ask the nice people who work there if you can check out the room that used to be a store. Should  you decide to eat there, note that forks are not offered, but they’re not needed either. Smittys meat is that tender!    

They make their own sausage… 

  The old store   
 Day 2

Micklewhait BBQ

This awesome East Austin trailer always runs out of meat a few hours after they open. They were way popular and busy before Michelle Obsna recently did take out. Saturday’s are special because they serve Goat. Love their moist brisket and lamb sausage.    

 Day 3

La Barbecue 

One of my favorite BBQ joints in Austin.  Such nice people too. They tend to run out of meat, so show up early. If you can score a beef rib bone, do it! So worth the price and you’ll be craving another. Pittmaster John Lewis is opening a BBQ joint in Charleston this year.    

 Day 4

Franklin BBQ

Spend hours waiting in line… or not.  I chose not to even tho’ their BBQ is amazing.  So why spend half the day waiting?   But  do take a photo of their now iconic sign.

Brown’s BBQ

I’m told this trailer is good too, but only has time to take this photo while driving by. 

 Day 5

Opie’s BBQ  

See previous review from 3.27.16.

R.O’s  Outpost BBQ    

 On the way back from Opie’s, the signage for this roadside BBQ stand caught my eye.   There’s also some fun folk art type figures placed throughout the property, so if anything, the photo opps were good. I couldn’t possibly eat anymore BBQ but my dining pals said that this joint makes good pies.  Who doesn’t love pie?  

I’m all about the Banana Creme.  The owners wife makes it fresh, every day! 

I also got to sample a piece of brisket.  Apparently this meat is cooked for over 20 hours.  It was lean and tasty but I prefer my brisket moist with some fat.    

I am still happily stuffed with a little bit of Texas Q in my freezer. 

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