Opie’s Barbeque

Hey Austin!  Are you hankering for some great BBQ, a little off the beaten path?

Here’s a tip that will delight your BBQ fixation.

Get in your car and head towards Highway 71; you’re going to Hill Country!

Approximately 35 miles from Austin on Highway 71 is a Texas town called Spicewood.  It’s here you’ll find a BBQ joint called Opie’s.

Opie’s has been around since 1999.  It has some of the best BBQ that Hill Country has to offer; without the miserable lines, loud tourists and running out of meat (that is if you don’t get there at the very end of the day)

Upon entering the restaurant,  you will see a huge, black heated BBQ pit.  Your ordering process will now begin.

All meats available for the day are displayed, stored and kept hot in this smoker.

Pick the meat choices of your liking and let the slicer helper standing by know how much or how little you want.  Once your order is sliced, it’s handed off to another helper who will bring it to the register for weighing.  (No mess or having to carry your meat until purchased!)

The meat choices are:

Brisket (lean and moist)

Fred Flinstone sized Pork Chops (rumor has it this is one of their signature items)

Lean Pork Loin

Pork Ribs

Baby Back Ribs (not pictured)

3 different types of sausage; Plain, Jalapeno and Jalapeno and Cheese

BBQ Chicken, cooked whole but you can order however much you want

Smoked Turkey

I ordered the moist brisket, turkey, a Jalapeno and Cheese Sausage and Pork Rib.  The Brisket has just the right amount of fat and melts in your mouth.  The Turkey was super tender and can often dry out – but not at Opie’s.  The sausage and rib was consumed a few days later when I returned to NY.  I firmly believe it tasted almost as good as it would’ve had I eaten it at Opie’s.  My dining party doesn’t partake in meat so they ordered half a chicken, which was very moist.  The skin was a perfect crisp as well.

In addition to their meats, Opie’s offers a unique selection of side dishes you don’t often find on BBQ menus such as:

Corn pudding (their most popular side) and available until they run out. I managed to get the last portion of the day, which was about 2 pm on a Tuesday.

A creamy rich Tator Tot Casserole

A twist on Coleslaw with raisins and slivered almonds, and Potato Salad

Delicious unlimited BBQ sauce; not too sweet, spicy or sour, is available, pipping hot in a big soup pot.

A huge pot of delicious hearty vegetarian pinto beans; eat as much as you want… for free.

Finally, the usual BBQ sides are also free – white bread, pickles, onions and hot peppers.
On weekends, Opie’s offers their special Butterbeans; but read the signs first, before trying to sneak these out to go, because it isn’t allowed.

For dessert, Banana Pudding is Opie’s signature dessert, but only available on weekends. However, to cure  your sweet tooth, there’s a variation of rotating Fruit Cobblers, that you can also get ala mode.

In the beverage department, Opie’s doesn’t service alcohol, but you can purchase unlimited servings of iced tea and sodas and of course (free) water.

Once you’ve purchased your meal, eat your meat and fixings on the provided sturdy wax paper with proper silver wear (no plates, none of that brown meat paper, so no tearing!)

Finally, if you overeat (like most of us do) and your full belly can’t consume anymore BBQ, there’s a complete To go station that has plastic bags (even if they are banned in Austin) foil and plastic utensils.

Also, Opie’s ask that you don’t clean your table. How awesome is that?

Besides the usual selection of beer cozies and stickers, Opie’s has some of the best restaurant t-shirts I have seen to date.
Their shirts are a play off of classic rock bands such as Iron Maiden, The Stones, Boston & Led Zeppelin. They are well worth the $20. Pay cash for your shirt and skip the tax.

Like all other good credible BBQ joints, Opie’s opens a little before lunch and closes when they run out of meat. Bonus – Opie’s is open 7 days a week.

Opie’s is located at 9504 Highway 71E in Spicewood, Texas















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