It’s called Smorgasburg, not Smorgasborg!

Summer 2011 in New York has been quite the gourmet tasting party. In addition to the usual summer weekend food staples, there has been a plethora of food festivals/events, pop ups and food courts (indoors and outdoors) throughout the 5 Boroughs.

One of my new favorite new places to eat is at the lot next the Williamsburg Waterfront. The Saturday delicious fat fest calls itself the Smorgasburg, in honor of Williamsburg. Here you can gorge or snack and drink from a variety of weekly regular and rotating Brooklyn (and a few) Manhattan vendors. Some of these vendors are exclusive to the Smorgasburg; others occasionally pop up at other weekend markets.

There is a balanced selection of both savory and sweet treats; some one of a kind, many unique and others fully straight forward (for the less adventurous eater).

To quench your thirst from the humid heat, there are local house made soda and juices, as well as coffee (cold and hot).

There is a small Farmers Market on the premises, with vendors who you will recognize from Union Square and Grand Army Plaza Greenmarkets. Here you can buy seasonal fruit, vegetables and bread.

And for those of you who obsess over fancy condiments, you will definitely enjoy checking out Sam Mason’s fancy “Empire” mayo as well as Anarchy in a Jar’s tasty jam’s and organic heirloom beans from Bean In.

Nothing beats the free amazing view of the Manhattan skyline right in front of you. Occasionally, you might even see a wandering duck or two.

Money-wise, the Smorgasburg is a bargain. Most items price from $4-$10, there’s nothing really over $10, but you can definitely spend some bucks if you want to check out a few places. My advice is to go with some fellow foodies and pig out!

Some of my memorable highlights and favorites:
King Crumb Fried Chicken Biscuit, with a special sauce and bacon; it’s big and messy enough for 2 meals!

Grilled Shrimp Japanese Octopus Balls at Mimi and Coco NY. These are better than the Octopus Balls at Otafuku in the East Village. For real.

Mighty Quinns BBQ Berkshire Pork Belly and Brisket.

Bon Chovie’s fresh fried anchovies. I love this, and so would Jon Bon… if he eats these little delicate fishes.

Brooklyn Oyster Party – a bit pricey at $3 a pop, but they are tasty on a hot day!

Nana’s Chocolate dipped Frozen Banana (with or without toppings)

Shorty Tang and Sons Spicy Peanut Noodles.

Brooklyn Soda Works – flavors change weekly.

Dough – save yourself a trip to Bed Sty and get the same giant donuts here for the same price ($2)

Good Batch Ice Cream Sandwiches; fun ice cream flavors sandwiched between homemade cookies. Flavors change often.

Worth checking out, at least once…
We Rub You – their version of Kogi but a tad pricier and a less generous portion. Tasty tho.

Scratching My Head…
Landhaus’ Pork Belly on a stick – all you can taste is the fat, as you watch it ooze into your napkin.

Cemitas – haven’t tried this, but paying $9 for what they’re giving you doesn’t encourage me when there are other more delicious items.

Dumont Burger – there is more bun than burger, even if it’s only $5 and supposed to be a “slider.” When biting into the burger, the bun breaks off (because there is so much of it!) For price or a few bucks more, you can go to a handful of places for a tastier bigger juicier full sized) filling burger. Dumont Burgers are tastier if you go to their free standing location on Bedford in the Burg.

Table Tales – known for their “Sunday Gravy” or thick tomato pasta sauce. It tastes like the sauce that comes with a dish at a chain restaurant. (Just my opinion of course!)

Take me home tonight (really!)
Anarchy in a Jar – creative jellies and jams. They also serve their jams on Roberta’s housemade bread with fresh ricotta for $4. Yum. The name itself is brilliant; they need tee’s and would’ve done Sid Vicious proud.

Grady’s Cold Brew Coffee Extract – $15 buys you about 8 servings, Cafe Du Monde style. Perfect for summer, cheaper than buying a cold brew system and saves you time as well.

There are more places than the above mentioned… and even though I’ve been to the Smorgasburg 5 times, I still haven’t tried every vendor.

So what are you waiting for? Take the L to Bedford Avenue and visit the Smorgasburg on Saturdays from 9-5 pm, at 27 North 6th Street between Kent and the East River. Oh, and bring cash, of course!

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