Chego makes me so very happy!

3300 Overland Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 287-0337
Open Tues-Sat, 5:30pm-11:30pm
Cash, Visa and MC

Chego comes to us from the brilliant folks at Kogi BBQ. It opened in April 2010 and is no secret to locals, foodies and critics …though it sadly took me over a year to discover it.

The restaurant is located in a tiny strip mall on Overland Avenue on the Westside of LA. It’s South of I-10 and if you blink, or are too busy texting while driving (like most of us) you’ll definitely pass it. I suggest driving slower and parking on the street, to save yourself the stress of cramming into the miniature parking lot.

Main dishes at Chego come in huge bowls with rice and heaping Fred Flinestone size portions, so come hungry with an entourage to try everything! All entrees have different sauces, seasonings and flavor. There is something for everybody, even if you are a (gasp) Vegetarian or (double gasp) Vegan.

At Chego, you order at the counter, take the given number and wait for your food to be brought to you, whether you’re eating in or doing take out. There are food runners who will graciously check in and offer to bring you amenities, but they are NOT servers. Chego is always busy, and these runners work their tails off non-stop. So on that note, you should tip generously, while politely declining their services and fetch your own eating utensils, sauces, water and to go lids. It’s all laid out nicely by the beverage refrigerator behind the kitchen.

On the menu front, you can order apps such as a Ooey Gooey Fries; (use your imagination to guess what might be in this heavy dish) – hint: Sambal, a Kimchi Sampler and a (fancy) “Twelve Dollar Salad” which will only set you back $7 (not 12). For entrees, it’s all about the Chubby Pork Belly. This dish has a generous helping of Kochujang-Lacquered Kurobuta (pork belly), pickled watermelon radishes, water spinach, cilantro, Cotija cheese, peanuts and a fried egg, all topped on a bowl of rice. The Beefy T Bowl has a mountain of rib eye over chili hot rice. For those of you who don’t partake in meat (shame on you!), order the Buttered Kimchi Chow, which is a bowl of rice with veggies including Kimchi, Edamame, garlic and of course, the fried egg. Oh, it’s topped with Chicharrones (fried pork rinds), but you can order without. I get this dish with Pork Belly. There are some fun, often off the wall weekly specials, including this week’s “My Mind Is Playin’ Tricks On Me” which is corned beef hash fried rice w/ Tabasco and egg. If you can still find room in your belly, order the Tres Leches Cake for dessert. They often sell out of this, so if it you want it, order with your entrees.

All entrees at Chego are under $10, the portions are gigantic, the food is delicious and always delivered promptly. Most importantly, you will never leave hungry.

After discovering Chego, I ate there 2-4 times a week with foodies from both coasts and have done tons of take out even though I am no where near it! Seriously, I love Chego and will sit in bitchy LA traffic, (along with it’s bad drivers) to eat their creative, inventive and satisfying food. Chego is dope and doesn’t even need a review, but I give it 10 stars. If you live or are visiting LA, just go already! What is NOT to love about Chego?

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