2100 East Cesar Chavez Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90033 (323) 264-7201
Open Monday-Saturday, 10am-8pm, Sundays, 11am-5 pm
Cash, MC and Visa are accepted

Earlier this month, my trusty foodie friend Jeff, in town from New York, told me about a new taco establishment called Guisados. I had never heard of this place, but any opportunity to explore a new taco joint in an ethnic neighborhood is exciting to me, especially when it gets a high accolade from the other coast.

Guisados is in East LA, in a neighborhood called Boyle Heights on Cesar Chavez Boulevard. It’s primarily a Hispanic and Mexican area filled with many local restaurants and bakeries as well as a great spot to find (cheaper) gas in the Southland.

The menu at Guisados is focused on eclectic and interesting taco combinations. There is a variety of meats which include Chicharron (Pork Skin), Tinga de Pollo (Chicken), Steak Picado, Chuleta (Pork Chop) en Salsa Verde and Cochinita Pibil (Marinated Pork). For the non-meat eaters, you can order the Mole (Chili) Poblano, Calabacitas (Summer Squash) or Quesadilla. Guisados also offers a weekly special or two; Fish and Shrimp, respectively on my visit last week. Each taco variety has it’s own distinctive memorable flavor and comes with a unique salsa and topping. The fresh Corn Tortillas are made daily by hand from the Mexican deli/shop next door. The large tacos are a tasty bargain at $2.50, but the real deal is the filling sampler: 6 mini tacos for $6.50. The variety usually consists of the first 6 tacos posted on the menu. Don’t ask about a Salsa Bar or Tortilla Chips at this authentic gourmet taco eatery, because there isn’t one.

Guisados also serves house made gigantic Tamales at… $1.50 a piece! Alcohol is not served, but you can order a refreshing Agua Fresca of Limon, Horchata or Jamaica.

Guisados has been opened since December, 2010. The owner, Armando Delatorre, is one of the friendliest entrepreneurs you will meet in the Mexican food community. He sat and chatted while I ate my taco sampler, and brought me a special Lengua en Ranchera Taco (now how did he know Lengua was one of my favorite taco toppings), along with a Quesadilla made with a special secret cheese and some house made tortillas to go. After my my filling taco feast, Armando took me next door to demonstrate how the Masa is made for both the tortillas and tamales. A week prior to my visit, The Cooking Channel was at Guisados with popular Food Network celebrity chef Aaron Sanchez, shooting an episode of “Heatseekers.” Guess what Aron’s favorite taco was? No doubt Guisados will become the next hot LA taco spot!

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