Food Truck Frenzy in The Southland

Back in early 2009, LA was treated to a soft opening for a Korean Food Truck called “Kogi”, serving Korean Tacos as well as other Korean themed delights. 2 years later, Kogi is a successful phenomenon with 5 trucks. Since the emergence of Kogi, The Southland has seen a plethora of over 100 Food trucks; some still in their glory, others short lived or calling it quits.

Unless you consider yourself a professional food truck eater with the time and cash to spare, (remember, food trucks take pride in serving their specialty themed cuisine/dishes and will run you more than the few bucks you’d pay for a tasty Double Double Animal Style Cheeseburger at In-N-Out)… it’s almost impossible to accurately keep track of which truck is where and when. I’ve found that even with the magic of Twitter, not all trucks are on top of their tweets, updating their various social networking sites/blogs or websites.

Despite this, on-going LA traffic and getting to a designated truck before they shut down (early) or run out of grub, I’ve managed to hit a handful of these culinary vehicles. Here’s the skinny:

Ludo Truck – Perfectly fried and seasoned delicious non-greasy gourmet chicken balls, with dipping sauce options that aren’t even necessary, so don’t bother. Their flaky large Lavender Honey Biscuits are also damn amazing, but those run out fast, so get there early. Also, you gotta love their logo!

Grill ‘Em All – Creative heavy metal themed mind blowing burgers. “The Behemoth”: grilled cheese buns, cheddar, bacon, beer soaked onions, pickles Grandma’s Mosh Pit BBQ Sauce, is a gourmet headbangers masterpiece! The Grill “Em All logo reminds me of Metallica in their heyday and the menu at Kumas Corner in Chicago, whose t-shirt reads, “Kill ‘Em All”!

Lardon – Not so new, but their Baco Taco is genius (see previous review) and now, the original bacon truck is offering Bacon Street Tacos. Process this if you will: the corn tortillas are fried in bacon fat!

Papaya King – Yes! New York’s Papaya King had a truck, briefly roaming and grilling in the Southland to promote the opening of their highly anticipated late night free standing Hollywood location. My well-done Classic was the same price and just as tasty eating it from their UES location on E 86th.

Kogi – Will always be king of food trucks, even if they franchise. The food is super tasty and reasonably priced with big portions. They also create over the top weekly specials, that will make your belly burst.

Curbside Cravings – Under the radar Filipino filling eats and a variety of meats including their Tocino (Pork Patty) Burger and Crispy Lechon Kawali – aka deep fried slabs of Pork Belly.

Honorable mentions:
The Mighty Boba – Creative, reasonably priced Taiwanese Food. It isn’t the Flushing Mall Food Court, but nothing will top that!

Meet ‘N’ Potatoes – Influenced by the fat meat sandwich filled with french fries at Primanti Brothers in Pittsburgh. Take a digestive enzyme and order the loaded fries with Pastrami, coleslaw, tomatoes and Provolone Cheese.

Shrimp Pimp gets points for their name, but their menu hasn’t inspired me to eat or fork out the bucks.

Curious about:
Ahn Joo – (More) Korean bites

Tapa Boy – The Original Filipino Breakfast Truck!

Grindhaus – Quentin Tarantino is probably so honored. They also have a free standing sausage store on Hollywood Blvd. The duck sausage, even at $14.99 a lb is delightful.

In-N-Out – It does exist, but I’ve only seen it parked at movie studio lots

Old standbys:

Buttermilk Truck – how can you say no to Red Velvet Pancakes?

The Grilled Cheese Truck – A cheese filled heart attack waiting to happen…

The Greasy Wiener – NJ style hot dogs cooked to perfection but slightly pricey.

Don’t bother: (for real!)
The Cheeseball Wagon. Great catchy colorful logo, that probably has every fat and skinny child screaming for more… but anyone who enjoys (good) food will find their eats mediocre, sloppy, messy and over-priced.

Enjoy the random food truck slide show. I will add more photos to this as the trucks keep on comin’!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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