Lardon “Fo Sizzle!”
Los Angeles food truck for those who love bacon!
Check their twitter for the most current location:
CASH only.
Must order: “The Baco.”

Back in September when I was briefly visiting LA, I ventured out in miserable LA traffic to Latitude 33 in Marina Del Rey for the “Heal the Bay” benefit.  29 Southern California food trucks were on hand ready to serve hungry people, with a portion of their profits going to “Heal the Bay.”  Although there were some new trucks that looked interesting, my swine radar was focused only on eating at Lardon; a truck that serves all things bacon.  Anyone who’s ever eaten with me knows that all parts of the Swine will put a smile on my face, especially bacon.

Back then, Lardon was just shy of 2 weeks old and had instantly become my new favorite LA Food Truck.  I paid Lardon multiple visits my remaining 2 days in LA and even took a Baco to go for my flight to NY!

The Silverlake based truck is now in its 3rd month of operation and busier than ever.   Lardon is hitting the Southland day and night,  serving their creative and delicious, filling salty and sweet delights, all prepared with our favorite part of the swine… bacon.

The menu is broken down by breakfast, all day sides, lunch/dinner/late night and desserts.

Highlights and my top favorites are:
“The lardon” BLT sandwich, prepared with Nueske’s peppered bacon, butter lettuce and tomatoes topped with St. Agur Blue Cheese on a toasted baguette ($6)
Bacon pancakes with bacon bourbon maple syrup ($5.50)
The Lark Brownie with bacon and Nutella spread ($3.50)

But the most delicious item hands down is Lardons signature dish, “The Baco”; partially mashed potatoes and cheddar wrapped in a thick cut bacon shell, topped with horseradish sour cream and (more) bacon. Think of “The Baco” as a reverse baked potato sandwich, where the potatoes are the meat,  the bacon is the bread and the horseradish would be the condiment but topped instead of spread.

For those of you who just want bacon (without the bells and whistles), that too, is an option. You can order “The Bacone” 3 thick delicious slices, for $4. Included in the rotating choices are duck bacon and wild boar. Have I said YUM yet? Finally, for those who want bacon with a different twist, try Lardon’s take on Buffalo Wings. Their version is covered in bacon hot sauce and topped with bacon blue cheese dipping sauce.

On the beverage front, Lardon is one of the only trucks I know of in Los Angeles, who serves the NY favorite “Manhattan Special,” a sweet carbonated espresso soda. ($2.50)

Calories and cholesterol should not be a factor or concern when eating at the Lardon Truck. Your happy tummy will be full and satisfied. Lardon won’t break the bank either. All delicious items are priced between $3.50 and $6.

So what are you waiting for?  Get your lardon!

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