AA Plaza

AA Plaza
40-66 Main Street
Flushing, NY 11369 (Queens)
(No phone)
Open daily, early morning until about 10 pm.
Cash only

Flushing is a condensed version of NYC’s Chinatown but at the far end of Queens. It is easy to get to from Manhattan on the 7 train, either at Times Square or Grand Central.

AA Plaza is steps away from Main Street/Flushing; the last stop on the 7 train.

The plaza is essentially a walk up takeout stand, sandwiched between the chaos of every day street traffic and other businesses and restaurants centered in Flushings Chinatown. Don’t plan on lingering or eating here, as there is no space. More important, the typical Chinatown smell (which I will leave at that for now) is not enticing while devouring. The clear glass at the stand allows you to watch the busy staff prepare and cook all of their enticing menu items. If you’re on a tight budget and want some basic delicious authentic Chinese snacks, you have come to the right place. All items range in price from $1-$1.75 – and the portions are enormous!

The small menu is a mixture of cheap Chinese street/dim sum style food, with a few delicacies that cater to those with an adventurous palate. They offer a variety of Vegetarian noodles including Lo-Mein, fried skinny rice noodles and wide rice noodles seasoned with Asian soy sauce. Other menu items include fried fish balls on a skewer, fried vegetarian spring rolls, and fried chicken – super moist; not greasy and seasoned with Chinese anise. AA Plazas most popular item is their steamed pork buns; juicy and meaty with just the right amount of bun and will run you a $1.25 for 4! Another favorite at AA Plaza is their giant fried scallion pancake, which is flavorful and not dry for only a buck! They serve 2 types of Chinese Rice Porridge, otherwise known as “Congee;” a sweet syrupy dessert Green Bean Congee and a savory salty Preserved Egg Congee; an acquired taste and although delicious, does not look the least bit appetizing to the average eater.

There are 3 service windows but be prepared to wait, as AA is busy and popular with their regular customers and the curious who often stop when they see the low prices. The AA Plaza staff are certified multi-taskers; they prep, cook, clean and take your order/money. Most of the workers are not fluent in English, so pointing is a good option and will help expedite your order. Hospitality is not the reason to visit AA Plaza, but you will walk away with a satisfying delicious meal (and leftovers) for less than $4!

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