USA Networks and LA’s Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck

Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck
Roaming Mobile Ice Cream Truck in Los Angeles, Austin and soon, NYC and The Hamptons!

From June 14th-18th, The Coolhaus mobile ice cream truck was slinging free ice cream sandwiches throughout Los Angeles county courtesy of (my favorite,) USA Networks. The truck was stationed in two hour intervals at various movie and television studios, film academies, wine tastings and events.

The Coolhaus flavors were cleverly assigned to/named after 8 of USA’s top popular summer shows:

The Monk – Vanilla Bean

White Collar – Mint Chip

Law and Order, Criminal Intent – Blood Orange

Royal Pains – Balsamic Fig and Mascarpone

Burn Notice – Red Velvet

The American Character – Cinnamon

In Plain Sight – Chocolate Chipotle

The Psych – Brown Butter and Candied Bacon

Each sandwich comes with your choice of homemade cookie:

Chocolate Chip

And the paper wrapping is edible!

I love Bacon so I chose The Psych on a Ginger Cookie. I thought it was one of the more unique combos, and can confirm that the sweetness of the brown sugar and crispy saltiness of the bacon was pure heaven.

For now, this appears to be a one-time promotional opportunity that I wanted to share. It wouldn’t surprise me if USA or another network comes up with a similar idea to preview their fall lineup. As there are a plethora of Food Truck cuisines… the possibilities are endless.

And if you happen to live in Los Angeles or Austin, you can check the trucks twitter at, to get their current location and taste their hearty ice cream sandwiches, filled with unique ice cream flavors, all priced at $4 each.

USA Network and the Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck

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